Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Beau started hockey, Tuesday night was his first practice. Below is a sequence of what happened most of the night. It may look painful and miserable to you, but he loved every minute of it and was very upset when it was time to go home. I was so proud of him for continuing to try because this is how he spent most of the evening...FLAT ON HIS BACK.

The coach did come help him from time to time, knowing Beau he half listened to what they said and was having too much fun flailing around the rest of the time.
Beau is finally on his feet and the coach is teaching him how to hold the stick, me I though they should focus on a little more staying on his feet before stick handling, but I'm no hockey coach.
Ben went on the ice to help a little and Beau is on his feet in front of him in this shot...Ben was lucky Beau didn't pull him down with him when he fell. Beau is #11. I think he looks like a really big kid in his hockey gear, it was kind of hard on me to watch him be so grown up out there. He really did try.
He got the hang of standing up and eventually sort of skated about 15 feet...
before landing back on his back.
But again, the important thing is that he loved it, he can't wait to go back and he'll learn as he goes. Beau makes everything interesting so we'll see what happens. We are just extremely proud of him for trying something new and different.
Sorry about the picture quality, I was taking them through the plexiglass, I'll try to get some from the doorway next week. There were a lot of parents crowding there this time.

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