Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beau's Thoughts

We were driving home from the property last night and as we get near town the lights shine in the dark. Beau says from the backseat "isn't it beautiful, that is my favorite thing to see." I'm thinking man I wish we didn't have to drive back into town again and he is enjoying the beauty in front of him. The things he teaches me.
The leaves changed last week and fell off the this week, but he has said over and over how this is his favorite season, he just loves the falling leavings. He is looking forward to Halloween but is unsure of what he wants to be, he has a hard time making decisions these days. It is hard when you don't feel grounded to decide anything. Today I packed him a lunch after trying for an hour to convince him he'd like the school lunch, I just looked in his backpack, his lunch is untouched. He decided to buy, go figure. Gotta love the kid, but you just never know.
He is doing fantastic in school even helping the two kids that sit next to him that never seem to know what is going on. He is reading at a higher level than I would have thought and he loves to read although bionicles are still his number 1. He builds and rebuilds and names and renames character after character, he also gets on line to see others creations. He'd love if I got on with him and helped him post his creations, but I know once I do it once it will become a daily desire. So we will continue to put it off.
Beau has also quickly learned the chore of gathering the firewood for the wood burning stove, that will become one of his daily tasks. He can't wait to move and not have to go back and forth but in the mean time there are days he is so helpful I can only gasp, other days he goes back into Beau-land and won't do a thing I say without a fight.
I love Beau for all his challenges and for all his insights into the beauty of life.

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