Sunday, October 12, 2008


Okay not really, but we are oh so close. I forgot a little coat closet, it is trimmed and everything I just forgot to take the roller over and knock it out. We might have to second coat the stairwell, but we will see. The tile is laid in the half bath one step closer to an inside toilet, all my children even Anna are very good at using the great outdoors.
I even took lots of pictures of all the painted rooms, the pink room, the aqua green room, the brown master, but then I left the camera at the property.
Yesterday I even cooked chili on my wood burning stove, who needs electricty, oh we do, the kids enjoyed a plethra of movies between running outdoors, spreading playdoh throughout the house and just generally getting in the way.
Two small concrete countertops have been poured, I love the color. Now we just wait until Monday to see how they come out.
So now that you have had to read this update with no pictures I will apologize and promise to bring home the camera tonight and post something eye appealing.
Enjoy a relaxing Sunday I am going to go lay some more tile and clean up the previous days projects and I am really looking forward to it.
Be back tonight...

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