Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Painting, Painting, Painting

Well I have finished the kids bedrooms. Anna's pepto pink is a little bold but she LOVES it. The boys is a blue green color, they don't seem to care they just want to move in. The bathroom is unfinished because the first color we picked is too yellow and Ben absolutely hates it. We will fix that Thursday when he returns with a new color. The living/dining/kitchen/hallway area is complete. The master area is another story still have to do the ceilings in there. If I am brave I will attempt it tomorrow, but Luke isn't the most cooperative child with just watching. So five rooms to go plus the stairwell but we need scaffolding and more paint for that so it is in the holding pattern. We will start the concrete countertops and tile floors this weekend. 41 days and counting...

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