Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Bit My Finger...Wah!!! Episode 2

So as strange as it is that my daughter will bite her finger while eating, she hasn't done it again...but it must be a family trait. Last night we went to the Knights of Columbus family dinner it was spaghetti. I was feeling a little out of place since 90% of the population was over 65, but I felt better when we said prayers and all of my children participate and Luke was extra loud. So when he was eating his spaghetti one strand at a time some with butter he had spread on it, it wasn't too horrible when he burst out screaming crying...he had bit his finger...I was incredulous. He was fine after a little kiss on it, he went back to eating. Me, I was disturbed, how do my children do this, are they so engrossed in their food they forget their fingers aren't food. I don't know but it still makes me wonder.

In other news today is wear red day at school for Drug Free week, in absolute bewilderment I happened to pick a red shirt for Beau who said "thanks mom for remembering it is red shirt day." I didn't tell him it was dumb luck or better yet the Holy Spirit gave me a little brush on the shoulder, and then I was able to find Anna's only red shirt on the very top of the storage bin in the boys room. She has so much pink I could only think of one red shirt and there it was. It was a good morning. The kids are off at school, I have to get my oil changed, buy Beau a costume (he says any one will do as long as it is made of silky material he likes the feel of it). Then I have to get bread, make Beau lunch, eat lunch with Beau, go to Anna's class and help in there for an hour, and the whole time not worry about the shower that is only 1/4 tiled, I'll get it done.
Life is good, only 20 days (I might start panicking soon.)

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