Friday, October 17, 2008

A Day Off...What Fun

Doesn't this look like good family fun. I thought so too, all the kids sat down this morning a played a game of match. Well they never finished but they did pretty good. I think Luke found the most matches, although I know he was getting a little BeauAnna help along the way.
When the cards got old, they opted for some computer printouts to color. They spread out in the living room and colored away. It is nice to have a couple days off school now and then.

They have all played so nicely today and Luke sure enjoys having them home. Not to mention while they entertain eachother I get to update the blog. We have been way off schedule with trying to finish up the house only one more month from today and it is ours and we get to move in, we can't wait. But there is a lot to do. I get to go to the tile store today, they really screwed up our order and we had to do a little contractor involvement for them to make it right, but Mr. Jim never fails to get the job done and now they are being very nice to me, except the lady who will probably never talk to me again. They don't like when you go straight to the boss. All is coming along well, the kids slept til 8:30 because they were up past 10 last night while we started the wood floors, they look amazing.
Random thought, how do kids sit like this, my feet would fall asleep.
Oscar didn't want to be left out today and kept sticking his nose in front of the camera so I thought I would include him today too. He doesn't know it yet but he is soon to become and outdoor dog.
Life is good, God is great, and we are very busy leading this exciting life. Thanks for coming along for the ride, we love sharing it with you even if we can't share it in person.


Kimberly said...

Hello. I saw you over at Ryan's blog (This is reverb). I saw your post questioning the significance of the front porch to Ryan. I believe you are on the right track with your ideas of the front porch. Looking back in history the front porch/stoop was the place where people in the community would meet and visit one another, hence the phrase "the liars bench" at the storefronts, the people gathering in the barber shops and chatting, the women who chat in the hair salons, etc, etc. Looking at it from a spiritual point of view sharing and having fellowship in the warm weather at a friend's home [on the porch] is a great way to bring small groups of [church] together in the spirit of community. I hope all this makes sense. I love your blog by the way! (-=

Anonymous said...

Who would have believed such a day would come? I am happy to see the comfort level of all of you growing so well now that there is stability in Dad's presence. Guess God knew what he was doing when he created the family structure! Love to all. Nana