Friday, October 17, 2008

Luke Sillies

Taking pictures of the three of them has been difficult lately because Luke has to ham it up every time. Yesterday during the group shot only one picture didn't have his tongue out or his face squished up. Then today I was taking a photo of them coloring. He said wait I want to do the banana dance. He stood up grabbed a banana and posed with one foot in the air and the banana raised up high. I don't know about him, he is becoming more like Ben every day. He is a lot of fun and a bundle of energy. Napping isn't as regular and we never know what he will say next. His most famous of late are naming a kitten "Batman" and Mr. Jim proceeds almost every statement when we are at the property and our builder is around. He never stops talking and likes to be involved with everything going on. Gotta love the Lukeman.

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