Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update on the House

WE HAVE A TOILET, indoor bathroom facilities are very special to us now. This is our half bath, all of the kids are very schooled in going outside to the bathroom, but now they get to go inside and they and we are so happy. We hung a sheet over the door for privacy and put a little tap light on top of the toilet today. Luke was very nervous using in for the first time he just didn't understand where the light switch was. He made me stand in there with him for the first few minutes then told me to leave when he wasn't quite finished. He likes his privacy.

This is looking into Anna's closet and Beau's is the next one, I finished all the grout in their bathroom/closets today and my arm might fall off. Ben helped with the last 30% but I did the majority. I feel pretty good about it too.

This is what the kids did while we worked, they played. For some reason they are fascinated with the wood floor, slipping and sliding were all the rage, not to mention running into the wall a little bit. After a few rules were put in place they had a great time.

This is my front door, I really like the added touch of the electrical cords running through the hole for the bolt. Ben is doing a great job laying down the wood floor and I love how it looks.
Just one more picture of my wood burning stove because I LOVE IT.
Then this is my closet, well look at it sideways I forgot to edit before I put it in the post and I'm sorry but I'm tired and I don't feel like going through all the steps to do it right. Right now my closet is the hole we put the kids into with their stuff, videos, books, playdoh, paper, scissors, glue, it was fun to clean up today. I'm feeling like the closet is large but once everything is in place I'm thinking it won't seem as large, but who knows.So that is where we stand. I'll start the tiling in our bathroom soon, i.e. tomorrow, then the shower tile arrives Wednesday so we will just keep tiling. 29 days and counting. We are definitely excited and can't wait to make the BIG move. Notice the small black DVD player on top of the TV a casualty in the building process our little portable DVD player took a dive. It doesn't work and Ben made an emergency Walmart run to get this baby and allow peace to return.
Can't wait to share more updates with you all.

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