Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me...Monday

This is a fun blog post from MckMama at you can link to it above, that I thought I might partake in today seeing as there have been a lot of things this past week that I don't want to mention...

I didn't run out of clean breakfast bowls because I forgot to run the dishwasher two days in a row, nope not me, must have been Ben.

I wasn't stubborn and thought I could life the tile saw on the stand without a man's help and almost drop the thing and hurt myself in the process...that must have been someone else...I didn't then proceed to listen to the man's advice on how the tile saw worked because then I might actually have gotten it right, so once I didn't do it the wrong way did it work the right way...what do men know anyway. I also didn't almost start having a tantrum when the pan for the water was leaking because I don't care that something else went wrong in this whole house building project. Nope not me.

Once all the tile was laid I didn't go eat a huge handful of candy corn because I care that all this work is helping me lose weight and I'm eating only healthy snacks now.

I didn't once think about asking Ben to take over because I thought my arm might fall of spreading grout, or when he finally did offer, I did not concede and hand him the grout float while saying under my breath it's about time you got in here, nope not me.

I did not under any circumstances want to have a hissy fit over some of the unperfect boards of wood my wonderful husband inserted into the new wood floor he is laying because that would be crazy for someone to expect pure perfection. Not me I wasn't inspecting every speck of dust landing on the new floor as though I were a Hoover.

I also don't go into space shuttle launch when I find a mark or nick on my newly painted walls, nope I just brush it off and say nothing. I would not even think about pointing out every one of them to Ben just to see if he will own up to it.

I have not allowed my children to watch an obscene amount of movies in an effort to finish one project after another during our 28 day count down.
I also haven't spent $20 on playdoh in the last 2 weeks just to watch it be thrown in the trash three days later, that would be crazy even though the kids seem to find hours of entertainment from that same playdoh.

I also do not absolutely love our house and realize that in about a month all of this nonsense will be in the past life will be somewhat normal, our children will look back and remember the good times in all this and I will not look back and think we were crazy.

Not me, I don't know why anyone in their right mind would build a house. I can't see why anyone would want to watch an empty piece of land be dug into a hole filled with concrete, then watch as a structure is built that looks like nothing, or why anyone would voluntarily paint it themselves and tile and lay wood floor and build concrete countertops, I don't feel the satisfaction in doing the work. I don't like watching as it is pieced together and things fall into place. Not me, I don't secretly think that I could do this again in ten years.

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Diana said...

Oh I hear you! We didn't build our house per say, but we did have the builder leave it unpainted and no flooring. Well, they put in some cheap carpeting and horrid vinyl flooring that we had to rip up prior to laying our tile and wood.
Yep- 4,000Sq Ft. of flooring and paint.....Seriously we both agreed we better love LOVE our choices cuz we are DONE with that!!
5 years later and we still love it- (well, I did cheat and repaint the master bath this past summer, but that didn't really count, right)
Just remember- this too shall pass!

oh and PS- calories are all forgiven during house stuff!