Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mishap Madness

First after yesterdays finger biting I thought today might go a little more smoothly...
Well not really.
Luke is not Superman, he let go of the swing in midair and while he was airborne for all of .25 seconds I don't think that counts as flying. I wanted a picture of the aftermath but didn't get that far before the next incident...He had rocks stuck to his lips and a few minor rock cuts in his head. Nothing major but you can definitely tell the playground is pea gravel rocks not the softest of landing but he was fine.
Incident #2
I got a phone call from a friend of Ben's at work around 3:15, not my favorite time of day it is that we just got home everybody is hungry and everyone wants a piece of mom's attention because we haven't been together ALL DAY. So the phone rings, a number I don't recognize but 395 the first three is Ben's work, so Ben is just calling from another phone...Wrong. So it is someone else saying, "Ben asked me to call he fell in the 'poop pond' and he needs new clothes." Well first off I was relieved he just needed clothes and we weren't in need of medical care, then I was a little ticked because now I had to drive 40 minutes down and 40 minutes back to bring him clothes, yippee. He will bring extras from now on. For those that don't know what the 'poop pond' is I will enlighten you. It is the fabulous sewer lagoons on the reservation, it is what Ben spends the majority of his time at work taking care of, and I might add I think it is fairly important that these things are properly managed. So while I am proud of what he does I do not enjoy talking about it with him nor the fact that my washing machine has to clean the clothes that he was wearing when he fell in. He will be putting that load in and turning it on, my gag reflex is very weak and I'm not even attempting it, I'd just throw it all in the garbage if he got that stuff anywhere near me. The kids do not share my contempt for the 'Poop Ponds'. Beau was upset because I wouldn't take him to see where dad fell in, Luke was very concerned that daddy had poopy on him and Anna really ignored the whole situation and complained the whole trip about how she was starving and thirsty, me I couldn't even think about food.
So if that wasn't enough, Anna's teacher came out to see Luke when he fell off the swing. Mind you Luke pokes his head in every day to say hello to Mr. V and then must talk to him at pick up time too so they are buddies. But anyway, the teacher informed me that Anna was really opening up in class and doing excellent...she even burped in class today. Okay so not my proudest moment and we did have a discussion that burping in class is not acceptable she needs to only do it at home or in the bathroom. She then informed me proudly she did it twice today in class, and I re-emphasized the we don't do that during class lesson. I think she's got it but only time will tell. I'm glad the day is almost over. Ben took Luke and Anna to the property he was stopping at McD's to feed the starving child, Luke insisted on eggs so I had quickly made him 2, the child never used to touch eggs now is begging for them over McD's, what a strange life. Beau and I are going to CCD he loves it. I teach 6th grade this year and am still learning the ropes it is definitely interesting.
So off to the evening edition of my life...

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