Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not Me...Monday #2

Well I'm going to try this again...thanks to MckMama for such fun times...

I absolutely did not start crying when I realized the tile I had laid at 1 a.m. was wrong and I was more than happy at 1 p.m. the next day to pry some up and relay it, only girls cry and I am no girl. Well maybe I am, but don't tell anyone.

I am not secretly pleased that I am doing all the tile myself and I don't think someday I will look back and feel a real sense of accomplishment in getting the tile done, if that ever occurs.

I don't mind that my hands feel like sand paper, my nails are all broken and there is a constant layer of thin set under my nails, nope I love the feel of dry cracked skin it makes me so happy.

It wasn't me who didn't have all the ingredients to the soup for the weekend so I didn't visit Taco John's, Pizza Hut, and Subway to feed my family, that stuff isn't healthy and it would kill my budget I would never do such a thing.

I didn't forget to return a movie on time and now I'm not dreading the late fees.

I didn't forget that we were almost out of bread and out of desperation use the only viable piece in the bag that wasn't falling apart at all, slap pb on one side and honey on the other fold it in half and call it good. I wouldn't forget bread for the same sandwich Beau eats everyday, not me. I also didn't totally talk up the school lunch so Anna would buy today since I wasn't out of bread, that just would not be like me to do something like that.

I am totally prepared for Halloween, I don't still have two costumes to come up with and still have to get candy buckets, I'm not upset that all that stuff is in storage. I wouldn't want access to it anyway.

I am in no way counting down the days until Nov. 18th when the stuff comes out of storage and we move into our new house. I also don't mind that there are still 299 projects left today in that short 21 days, I'm not worried at all about the fact that the tile isn't done, the concrete countertops are yet to be in existence, the cabinets aren't here, and the doors and trim aren't painted. That in no way causes me severe anxiety and I don't feel like stopping to puke right now just thinking about.

I have NO guilt about the time the kids are spending watching movies or playing with toys and not spending time with mom and dad. I wasn't at all happy that Ben stopped working tonight to take Beau and Anna to a haunted house and gave them attention. Sometimes he doesn't do great things...only sometimes. :)

I didn't give Luke chocolate milk and cheetos for a morning snack just so I could get 7 pieces of tile on the walls and not have his help, because he is such a great helper, I love when he gets thin set all over everything. I did not run quickly to the shower and spread and place pieces as fast as possible before he could realize that he wasn't helping that would not be very motherly of me.

I know I didn't wear my only good pair of jeans to tile this morning because all my other jeans have thin set on them already and I'm sure they are washed and folded, it wasn't me who has neglected laundry for five days and I won't be upset at all when I realize how much there is because it is all done.

Living in two houses isn't absolutely chaotic and I don't long for the chaos to end.
I didn't already mention only 21 days did I.


Anonymous said...

To me, chocolate milk and cheetos sounds like a great snack-- too bad he did NOT get it!

Good luck on the house- sounds likeyou might be a week off schedule is all!

mommaof4wife2r said...

u go girl on that tile job...and be proud!