Monday, October 13, 2008

They Really Are Painted

So finally the pictures of painted rooms. We'll begin with the boys room, this is leading into their closet which goes into their bathroom. They have a jack and jill set up with Anna. On either side of this doorway I will be attempting to paint two large bionicles. Any ideas???

Now we move on, pepto anyone? Anna loves pink, maybe love is an understatement. Anna will eventually have a three foot strip of green on the bottom covered by a white picket fence and then butterflies, ladybugs, what have you will decorate the wall and fence.

Now onto our room you can see the nice brown color, we like the darker colors in our room, it makes it cozy and warm, this leads into our bathroom and our great tub, we opted out of a jacuzzi, but we really like the looks of what we got, I can't remember what it is called.
Now my favorite element in the house and I seemed to choose a slightly out of focus picture. But I already made a pot of chili on top of it, mmm so cozy.
We are so happy with how the house is coming along. We are down to 35 days until we move in. We really can't wait. Even Luke understands all the madness and talks about where his things will be. He has allowed Mr. Jim (our contractor) to keep one pair of boots in his closet. Luke idolizes Mr. Jim, a good person to idolize he has great Christian values and is a real man of character, I am thankful to God for leading us to the right man for the job.


Anonymous said...

what is a bionicles.

Uncle Fr. Richard

Katie Lyons said...

I was right! You are building a house :) How exciting! I responded to your comment on my blog, but I had to check to see if you were building a house. I can't wait until someday I get to build a house, it has always been my dream. I can't wait to see the pictures of how everything turns out! I'll definitely be checking back :)

Mike and Katie said...

My boys love/d Bionicles. We sent MckMama Stellan's name in Bionicles.

Good luck with those. Let me know when they are done.