Thursday, January 22, 2009

At The Bus Stop

Every morning we go to the bus stop. My favorite part of it is the sunrise, it is different every day. I usually forget my camera, well I always do, but I did use my cell phone to grab one shot yesterday, it was unbelievable, like God had painted the sky just for me. The kids have found that the snow is frozen on top and great for sliding down. We get to the bus stop five minutes early so they can slide down the hill and enjoy themselves before getting on the bus. I had really intended on taking a picture of Beau and Anna walking across the road to the bus together, but they didn't get off the hill quite as fast as usual so I was putting Beau's backpack on while Anna headed across, only she didn't know what to do because she always follows Beau so after she spun around a couple times and almost fell Beau caught up they made it safely across and got on the bus, in the meantime there was no way to get the camera up for a shot. So I took a couple of the mountains in the pink sunrise in the distance. Today we walked to the bus stop, I don't know why we haven't done that all week while the weather was warm because tomorrow morning we'll be below zero again and I'm not walking. We'll have plenty of more days to walk and one of those days I will get that picture that warms my heart every morning brother and sister embarking on their day together.


Mrs B said...

So beautiful...that view made me remember, I should have said something, but the other day, I gave you an award on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, what a view. I am "listening" and will try harder today! I love being reminded, thanks.

Stephanie said...

Simply Gorgeous Bridget! I dont get to see the sunrise much but the sunset is just as beautiful. I have never seen a sunset like we get here in Montana. So full of color!