Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wal-Mart Wonders

Many thanks to Uncle Fr. Richard for a frolicking fun time at Wal-Mart. We went from the toy aisle to the clearance aisle and back many times before decisions were made. Anna and Luke were fairly quick about their purchases, however, it was very hard for mom to mind her own business and not nix a purchase. I must admit all three have spent an abundant amount of playing time with not only their own toys but also their siblings toys...that is except Beau has not played with the baby dolls and would be extremely angry with me if he ever read this and I had insinuated such madness. So just wanted to be clear on that point, Beau doesn't play with babies or princess stuff. He did play with Luke's power ranger and ball though.
Beau chose an Indiana Jones lego set because the bionicle section was sorry, he didn't like his options and we ended up having a little trade session I get some of his card and he spent a little bit of my cash at K-Mart so that he didn't go home empty handed. He learned about ordering on the internet, but the problem is you don't get it instantly so he is practicing patience, which is very difficult. His second choice is this lego set below, they are a brand new product line that he has read all about so he is very excited. Now, his mom just needs to get on-line and get it ordered, oops don't tell him that. I'm very excited because he didn't spend his money on another bionicle even though all the new line for 2009 just came out, he passed them up for something different. This was a huge decision for Beau and I'd better get this ordered before he changes his mind (although that was why I've waited to just to be sure there are no regrets.) He only asked three times this morning how many more days he had to wait until Claw Digger was here. Hmm?
Anna was so excited to get to go to the girl aisle and get whatever she wanted. She was very adamant about me not having an opinion and got upset if I offered any. I quickly learned to just stay quiet and let her do what she wanted. She chose twin baby dolls, so Luke could play with the boy and she could have the girl, I finally had to let her in on the fact they were both girls, but with Anna stuff like that doesn't matter. She is content with her babies and her princess camera. Which I really bit my tongue on, because she just got a real camera for Christmas. But she was thinking that she could use the bag for her other camera and that influenced her purchase. Her real camera is in the bag (I noticed last night) so it is easier to find and with all my creativity I am going to come up with a way to add a little padding to that princess case.

Luke loves his purchases. He got the wolf power ranger which is purple, even though he'd talked all week about wanting the blue one. He loves the purple one and takes it everywhere with him. I think he was most happy with the ball, the ones mom and dad always say no to, well it was his money so I could'nt say no. He thought he had hit the jackpot, he was all smiles for the rest of the day about that ball. I however think the ball needs to be hidden away. It bounces too high and knocks stuff off tables when thrown in the house. It is too cold to take it outside and although the basement is getting there it isn't where I want it to be for their playroom. Plus, Luke has to be within a few feet of me at all times anyway so the furthest he'll go is to Anna's room to play by himself during the day. Although, that is further than he went before Christmas so maybe by March he will be downstairs.
Thank you so much Great Uncle Fr. Richard. They couldn't have been happier with such a great after Christmas adventure. It wasn't only the gifts, but the memories in choosing them, and the lessons we all learned along the way.

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