Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Snowing...Let's Make the Most of It

We have a lot of snow today. So this afternoon we took a break from shelf building, bundled up the kids and headed outdoors. This first picture is Zip bounding through the snow, you can't see his head because it is undersnow, standing still he would be under the snow.
Here the dogs are wrestling, don't they look vicious. This is what they did the whole time we were out there.
Here is Anna after Ben tossed her onto a rock to make a snow angel, oops. She only cried for a second, until Ben moved her to some fluffier snow, and she got focused on making her angel.
This is a better one of our little snow angel. She was happy again.
Here are happy kids in the snow, Luke didn't stay in one place very long.
Here is Luke with one of the cats, even they were bounding about in the snow with us.
Luke when Ben dropped him into a bank up to his waste, after I put the camera away Ben dropped him in a bank outback and he disappeared. He thought it was hilarious, so did we.
Daddy behind Luke after dropping him in again, Luke loved being dropped in, this is my favorite picture of the day.
Beau behind a snow bank by the garage.
Beau again, he was ducking down a little to make me think that it was higher than it was, he did fool me.
Anna and the kitten. She loves these cats. I love the hair covered in snow and ice.

We had a really good time out there today. Even though we are stuck at home we are making the most of it. Time to make some popcorn to watch with our movie.