Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ha, Don't I Feel Smart

Like my new header. I love when I try something and it works better than I planned. So thus I am really enjoying my new header and officially said good-bye to Christmas. We still have a little bit of winter left, but that's okay.
A few things have bothered me today, the Ravens lost, didn't want them to do that not that I care much since this is the only day all season I've watched almost two complete games. As a certified athletic trainer the things I cared more about were the injuries. There were several major ones today and I am still very interested in what happened, how it happened, and I get upset if they don't replay it enough for me to figure it out.
Did you know the Inauguration is costing $15o Million, yep that's what yahoo news said, I know probably not the most accurate news source but still that is crazy. We are in a recession people and I know this is a huge event in our country but so big of event that we are spending again more money than necessary. Insanity I tell you, but it's the government they'll make more before they have to bail someone else out.
The kids playroom in the basement is set up. I organized and sorted all their toys after they went to bed yesterday. I barely saw them today because they were downstairs playing. But when it was time to clean up, I thought I might blow up, every toy was dumped. Every organized bin on the floor. You can bet they got a quick lesson in the area of the new playroom and it won't happen again, at least not this week.
Beau got his k'nex out yesterday. He hasn't played with them since we moved here and last year in Kentucky Ben always had to help him build. Wow, what a year can change. He built anything he had plans for and then he created a couple of his own masterpieces. His imagination never ceases to amaze me and he stayed busy ALL day.
We have an extra child for most of the week, a little girl Anna's age. Thus Anna is very busy and doesn't need much entertaining.
Luke went all weekend with no nap. I am slightly scared, he can't give his nap up yet, I'm not ready. He went to bed easily tonight because he was exhausted.
Tomorrow is another day of getting a lot done with Ben off work for the day. I think we are going to work on the front porch and the van, the two areas that were dumping zones during the move from the rental to home.
Random wrap up of our weekend, hope yours was as exciting.

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