Thursday, January 8, 2009

Luke's Creativity...Hilarious and fun

Luke's take on life...he is up close and personal with everything, you feel like he might bump into you with his camera. This is Beau's beanbag, the lizards are almost crawling off of it in this picture.

Do you know what this is? Anna did.
Now you definitely know what it is.
I absolutely adore this picture, it is all about her eyes, I think I will print it and frame it, I LOVE IT.

Taking pictures of taking pictures, a common practice around these parts.
Anna took this one for Luke, loving on his dogs.
Luke had help taking this picture.

Story time...we were looking through pictures and came to this one...Anna started laughing...and said, "ha that is PopPop's bald head" she thought it was the greatest she misses them so much, she talks about wrestling with him all the time and can't wait to see him again.


Mrs B said...

Talent I tell must run through your blood. Both our girls have blue eyes...that is super awesome.

Bama said...

Luke I love your pictures, I like the quality from that camera too, keep the pictures coming.