Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tantrums, Tirades and Tears

Today was a busy day, Bible study in the morning, the bank, Wal-Mart, stop at a friends, Anna from school, drop her and Luke at another friend's house and back to school to get Beau to take him to the dentist.
Luke will not attend childcare at Bible study the tears start before we even pull into the parking lot. Today I didn't even bother taking him down to the room. We had packed some toys and he sat at my feet (and Stephanie's feet, she gave him candy, and he loves her) and played with them. He also poked holes in paper and did general three-year-old things while a bunch of women talked around him. Tears weren't so bad for what was coming my way.
Picking Beau up from school, I wasn't prepared for his reaction about the dentist. Beau needs to prepare mentally for anything out of the ordinary from his regularly scheduled program. I swear I told him yesterday, but maybe I just thought about telling him, I'm not perfect and sometimes I don't say what I am thinking. He either didn't hear me or didn't remember because the tirade that began when I said "hurry, we've got to get to the dentist" was just short of an all out meltdown, but it was short of it. The gloves went flying, literally, he took them off and threw them. He stomped his way to the van and knowing that the dentist was going to be highly unpleasant with this attitude and feeling the need to protect the dentist from seeing an all out meltdown. I laid out the wager. If the tears ended this instant and did not return I would get him another power miner to go with his one he got yesterday, a small one. We shook on it, he held up his end of the bargain and was a regular perfect kid in the dentist chair, now I have to hold up my end. It just may not happen for a few days or weeks. I have this shipping issue working to my advantage.
And then my lovely Anna, easy-going, pleasant, fair weathered child....WHAT HAPPENED?!?
I went to pick her up from our friend's house and oh my when it was time to go she threw a tantrum the likes I have never seen from this child. I had to make sure it was my daugter in all pink and not one of the boys. I wanted to cry with her, kick my feet, swing my arms madly, but we were in front of others and I refrained from acting like her. I did manage to pick up my screaming, kicking, crying child without her winter clothes on but carrying them and drag her to the van, I mad her stand in her socks on the snow while I opened the door and I tried not to completely lose it on her. I forcefully buckled her in and gave her the sternest warning in the world about unbuckling. I pulled out the big guns, "you don't want to know what will happen if you even think about unbuckling this seatbelt." I then went back in for a few left behind items apologized profusely and made my friend feel better about the times her kids act up in public, always happy to oblige. Anna will most likely never act like that again, but then again I apparently am not prepared for what my children can dish out.
Tomorrow is another day, I didn't completely lose it today, I never screamed or even yelled looking back at it I survived without succumbing to their level. Maybe this Bible study is sinking in deeper than I thought. Rejoicing even through their loss of control.
God Bless,

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