Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday...#11

Welcome to Not me Monday, the wonderful blog carnival started by MckMama over at my charming kids. Just click the above link to get there and read others not mes and join in the fun.

1. I do not have an obsession with chocolate milk, I did not use up the last of the hershey bottle by pouring the milk into the bottle and shaking and then squeezing it into the glass. I do not really enjoy the slight layer of foam that doing it this way leaves. I've never done this before so I had no idea about the foamy layer.

2. Beau did not help me work at the concession stand for the high school hockey game Sunday after church. He most certainly didn't have a pretzel and twix for lunch with a Dr. Pepper while we weren't there. He is not allowed caffiene and I haven't been allowing him little bits now and then. He most certainly didn't say to me after a friend from school came down from the stands again, "Mom, those M&M's he ate are now digesting and turning into poop." I did not shush that conversation quickly and make sure no one was looking or listening.
He most certainly did not say to a lady "you are back again, I know, I know, coffee and hot water please, Mom she's back." The lady was certainly not amuse and proceed to give him a feather from her down jacket and tell him all about down, the lady was also most certainly not a teacher.

3. Anna did not suffer from serious lack of sleep this week with having an extra child in the house and in her room, I didn't threaten serious reprecussions if she didn't stop whining and crying about everything. I wasn't most certainly the one to create the situation by offering to keep the extra child and extra dog for five days and she didn't have a lot of fun when she was playing and not whining.

4. We most certainly did not get our elliptical this year and I didn't take a slight bit of offense to the delivery truck driver calling it our new year's resolution, I didn't resolve anything, Ben wanted the contraption. I also did not enjoy putting it together with Ben, I was so helpful I never walked away or forgot what I was supposed to be doing while he was cussing out the manufacturer for holes that didn't line up.

5. I most certainly love the negative temperatures that returned. I am not glad the mud is refrozen and we have a skating rink in our front yard from the melt and freeze routine. We like walking with trepidation every time we leave the safety of the front porch.

6. I most certainly did not completely bite it ice skating on Friday night. I am always careful, I never try to teach my son new moves, and in the process of not teaching him I would never completely hit the ground with barely enough time to blink, my neck and back don't still hurt from it. Nor did Beau have a generous laugh at my expense after he saw that I wasn't broken.

7. I wasn't the proudest mom on planet earth when Beau scored his first goal in his hockey scrimmage yesterday. I wasn't even prouder when they moved him to the more experienced side of the ice and although he didn't score he also played with no hesitation and held his own out there.

8. I am not letting Luke skip his nap while I post this.


The Whole Eagan Family said...

Way to go Beau. I am so glad you skate so well and perhaps you can show a couple moves to your mom soon. Miss you a ton.


Mrs B said...

Love your list!

We can totally marry those two! I already have the boys married off to Nutty Mom's girls! It would be so much easier if we could just do it that way! :)

Angel said...

I love your List!