Sunday, January 4, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow

It is nights like tonight I wished I homeschooled. But then again, my kids would be illiterate basket cases because I yelled at them for forgetting what the letter "M" looked like, so maybe not. I do envy those that homeschool somewhat but I know without a doubt it isn't what I'm called to do. So tomorrow we'll get up early again, pack some lunches (i can't find the menu for January school lunches) and get out the door to catch the bus. We might have to walk to the bus stop because the drifts are so high on the road I don't know if i can drive there. I'm hoping it isn't too cold in the morning but we're going to get up extra early just to be sure we make it if we do have to walk. It has been a great two weeks of being home together, laughing, crying, learning and growing. Beau has been Ben's helper not always with a smile on his face, but he gets the job done and he is doing it with less complaining. Anna is always eager to help around the house and quickly does any task given. Luke likes being 3 and likes it even more when we don't expect anything from him, much to Beau's dismay. He will help from time to time but it is more on his time than ours. He does do a remarkable job getting wood off the porch and we can count on him for that.
I will miss Beau and Anna all day tomorrow it feels almost worse than when school started in August. Luke is going to hate tomorrow, he never stopped asking when we are going to pick them up even before break so tomorrow will be really hard for him.
Ben is going to Billings for a few days so we'll be on our own getting back into the routine but we'll survive and then it will be Friday again and we'll get a whole two days off.
Hope everyone else survives going back to work and school.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog because my husband and I are looking for land in Montana, therefore, I wanted to see what moms in Montana are blogging about! I also homeschool, so this post caught my eye! You are too funny. Plus, I have an Anna too --she is 7. Anyway, take care and God bless!

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