Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday again...

So I am going to join in today just to get my 99th post in and because I have pictures to get off the camera before the next post so I am stalling, buying time, delaying another task and just having some fun.

I most definitely did not keep Beau and Anna home from school two days last week because the weather was too bad to send out the buses but not too bad to cancel school, which I did not have a tantrum about at all. I would not call every relative I know just to get them to agree that if the buses aren't coming I shouldn't' go out either. My children were so upset to not go to school, they did not enjoy playing or watch movies or just being home at all even though they'd only been back since Christmas break for three days.

I did not get stuck in my driveway, I did not think that if I hit the gas hard enough I'd have enough speed in my van to plow through the drift that had formed the night before. I wasn't stubborn and mad about getting stuck so I did not spend 10 minutes trying to shovel myself out. I did not finally admit defeat and go ask Ben to pull me out in the truck. I did not continue to shovel hoping I'd get free before he got the truck around and the chains on, and I did not finally have to admit I was stuck. He did not pull me out in less than 2 minutes so I hadn't really wasted 20 minutes in valiant effort for nothing.

I did not skip a birthday party with Ben and the kids to enjoy lunch out with a girlfriend, and I wouldn't do it again in a heartbeat.

I did not get up at 11:30pm Friday night to make Ben dinner because he had a minor catastrophy at work that took all day and night. I had not spent all day preparing beef and barley so I could make a soup for our guests the next day. In my haze of barely awake fixing Ben dinner I did not leave the meat and barley sit out on the counter all night. I was not upset at all the next morning when I got up and it wasn't sitting there, lid still off just laughing at me...I did not proceed to consider serving it to my family but not my guests and then decide to just give it to the dogs. I did not make pizza for dinner because I always make pizza for company and I wouldn't want to make people think I can't cook. They didn't love the pizza and comment on it the next morning at church too. I think I'll just stick with pizza, less work and worry.

I did not let the kids spend their gift cards at Wal-Mart and it was not hard at all to not give any input into their purchases. More on this in the next post thus the reason I need to download pictures.

I did not go sledding out back with the kids and only make it down the hill once before we got side tracked in the knee deep snow on the creek. I have not been petrified of sledding this year since the last sledding experience sent us to the ER for 9 stitches nex to Anna's eye and the scar isn't a constant reminder to me of how vulnerable they are. It has not caused me to worry a little more and be a little less gung ho in the encouraging of sledding activities. I put them in hockey because they have padding and helmets and ice skating isn't dangerous, right?:)

I am not avoiding household duties by sitting here typing I must not go get to those things.
Enjoy the things I didn't do this week.
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Wayne said...

great not me monday. I think if the weather was that bad I would have kept the kids off school too. I mean its better to be stuck at home than at school right?

Anonymous said...

I admit I giggled a little bit about you being stuck in the snow but only because you made that statement about thinking you could barrel through it. LOL