Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Glorifying Him in All I Do

I started a new Bible study today. It is called Enjoy, it is a study on Phillipians. The theme of the study is to Glorify God in everything you do. It was so nice to be out and about and to socialize with other women. I also like doing something that makes me open up the Bible and read God's Word. I've felt more compelled than ever recently to keep the Bible close by, to open it daily, and to find Bible verses that are pertinent to every day life as I live it. Making breakfast, packing lunches, getting to the bus, kids to school, dogs out and taken care of, Luke happy, house picked up, dinner planned, kids picked up, working on my medical transcription course. It seems like so much but I've forgot to keep the importance on doing it all to glorify Him. In thinking about doing it all to glorify God, I do it with more joy, with more patience and love, and with more smiles on my face. The love I put into the ham sandwiches is just a portion of the love I have for my children and a mere bit of the love God has for me.
My coursework has taken a back seat to building the house, being mom and wife, but now I have stepped back into it and I can see even there how I can do it to glorify God. By doing my best, by stretching myself, going outside my comfort zone, I can glorify God in it all. Last year in Kentucky my friend Kristi reminded me always of the fact everything we did was a prayer from our heart as long as we did it with love. It helped make the daily tasks easier especially when Ben was gone for weeks at a time. Since I moved, and Kristi moved I've missed her greatly and have had a hard time finding someone to have those deep Catholic heart to hearts with, but I have also found myself turning more and more to God's Word to find the encouragement I need in the daily. At the moment I've started this new Bible study, I'm aslo going through The Power of a Praying wife via e-mail with a friend, and I'm reading How to Calm an Anxious Heart, about finding contentment in all life's circumstances. I feel a little overwhelmed at times with all the information I'm inputting yet I crave more and signed up for St. Jude's (our church) Lenten Bible study. I'm looking forward to it starting up when Lent begins at the end of February, by then I will be almost done with the Enjoy 6-week study and have finished Power of a Praying Wife so I won't to doing too much at once.
Power of a Praying Wife is my way to prepare myself for the marriage retreat Ben and I are going on over Valentine's Day weekend. The retreat was my Christmas present from Ben this year and I am really looking forward to the weekend alone with him and the weekend to really focus on what God wants for our marriage. Feel free to add us to our prayer list for our upcoming retreat. The more prayers the more power God has to really help us use our marriage for His purposes.
God Bless, and remember to glorify Him in all you do.


The Whole Eagan Family said...

Remind me where you come from. That is a beautiful blog and actually close to what I have been reading about Dorothy Day. She basically said the same thing. Find joy in everything. You are a joy to me, thanks babe.

Stephanie said...

Bridget, I believe God has brought this bible study to you and I both. We both needed this bible study right now in our lives.

I thank God for you daily. You are a very good friend and I look forward to growing closer to God with you.

Love you girl!


Mrs B said...

I want to be you when I grow up.

Good ol' dad said...

Don't forget, God won't give you more than you can handle but sometimes we dish up a little too much for ourselves.
But you go girl!

Love, Dad.

Ang said...

Thanks so much..! I just prayed for her..if you hear anything please let me know!