Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gift Cards

Thank you Uncle Father Richard. Great Uncle Father Richard sent three Wal-Mart gift cards in the mail one for each child. The excitement they have brought is of the magnitude of Christmas morning. Beau has looked over ever Bionicle and bonus the new ones just came out so he gets to choose. Luke really wanted a Power Ranger for Christmas but Santa had other plans so now he can see if he can find that blue power ranger I have heard about for days. Anna has a whole list, it could be Polly Pocket, or Littlest Pet Shop, or even Barbie. She just can't wait to browse the shelves. What fun they have had today just dreaming about the possibilities and getting math lessons along the way. Thanks again Great Uncle we are going to have so much fun at the store and I'll be sure to bring my camera along, I'll have plenty of time to take pictures while they ponder their purchases.


brandybarnard said...

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