Monday, January 5, 2009

No Not Me's Today

I was going to do Not Me Monday but I've so enjoyed Christmas break with the kids and Ben that I can't even remember all the things I didn't do. We did have so much fun playing games and watching movies and eating popcorn. I even enjoyed working in the basement, the kids would go hide in corners so that we would forget they were there and not ask them for help. We never forgot but we did enjoy watching them read quietly or play with a toy that had escaped from a box. It was fun to picture the playroom all set up and think about getting their carpet down. The two beds fit where they are and I look forward to building walls someday to create bedrooms down there. The possibilities are endless.
I did have the realization today that this is home, this is home for a while. I don't have to think about moving and I can settle. A strange concept it has been a long time since I've felt settled anywhere. Ben is home more often and although he travels it isn't for as long and he is his own boss while he is away so he can run to a store and buy me something if I need it. The possibilities of our time here are endless.
We enjoyed a pancake and grits dinner tonight. We like breakfast for dinner when dad is away. The snow was our playground again today and we enjoyed it.
Just some pictures from the last two weeks of fun.
Did I mention that the bean bags are the best gifts I could have bought for the kids. We all use them and we all love them, although the dogs love them too so they have to get picked up after the kids go to bed. There are more of us sitting on the floor than on the couches maybe we will just forget couches next time and go for bean bags, I don't think company will mind.
Oscar is huge now and he is such a better dog out here. He is outside almost all day and only comes in at night and when he's in he is tired from running all day. He is great to have around except when we catch him with a kitten hanging out of his mouth well then that isn't so good. Anna freaks out, and Beau just starts asking if there is any blood. Poor Anna she has been traumatized and Beau doesn't even seem to get it. The cats are fine, they live in their house on the porch and we feed them daily.
Love to all.