Friday, January 16, 2009

Note Worthy Events

Beau pulled his tooth, yeah. His first tooth was such a chore to get out, he would never let anyone touch much less even come close to pulling it himself. And tonight, he just pop pulled it out like it was an everyday occurrence. I think Anna was more excited than Beau.

The great thing about being me, I start one job and then move to another and sometimes when I go to put the laundry in the dryer because it is the sheets from my bed, I realize I never started the washer. Dang it! I hate it when I do that. This morning I did the exact same thing with the dishwasher but luckily Ben noticed and started it. Now I'm waiting for the washer to finish so I can get it in the dryer and go to bed sometime tonight.

I forgot to buy pull-ups at the grocery store today. Luke was not happy about wearing underwear to bed because he would pee in them and you can't pee in underwear. I told him to just get up and go, but yeah right, he said Mom, tomorrow get me some pull-ups. We put rubber pants over underwear, he calls them a diaper but we survived it.

Tonight was movie night, we watched MeeShee, it is getting harder and harder to find a movie that will entertain all three kids. Also all three of the have a propensity to ask questions during a movie so someone is always talking. We made it through, all are in bed, and now I get to wait for my sheets.

I hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget to come, that's happened before too, that darn tooth fairy, falling asleep on the job. Beau wants to know what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth, someone please tell me why his tooth fairy took the tooth when he lost the first one. I don't know what the tooth fairy does with them, honestly can't remember what happened to the last one. Maybe I'm the one that needs a few x-rays of my brain.

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Tracy said...

Environmental Responsibility seems to be en vogue now so why not for teeth, too? Tell him the tooth fairy passes them along to younger kids that need teeth.
Or, you could try the truth (like I have) and tell them that you keep them for posterity. Not as much fun but the truth rarely is.