Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not Me Monday...#10?

I'm posting this before MckMama has put her link up because I have a lot to do today so I am not allowing myself any more computer time after this morning. Enjoy my not me's, oh I will allow myself to link it after Mr. Linky is up on my charming kids. Click the link below to get there.

I did not contemplate for over two hours about bringing my son to the emergency room after he didn't hit his head falling off the stool, and after not going I didn't spend less time in the ER to find out he was completely fine than I did not worrying about whether or not I should go.

I did not accept the responsibility of one more child and one more dog for the better part of five days, I mean we don't already have three dogs and three children and two cats I don't even notice the extra. I am not enjoying a few extra hugs from the not extra kiddo.

My daughter did not stay awake way later than normal not because of the extra child in her room. It was not a bear getting her out the door for school this morning.

I was not completely upset about my children dumping every organized bin in their new playroom on the floor after I didn't spend all night the night before organizing it.

I do not take enjoyment out of my husband getting all worked up over a football game when he only watches football during the playoffs and the Super Bowl. It doesn't make me smile at him since when we met and married he really didn't know all the rules until I taught them to him when I made him watch the games with me.

I am not enjoying the balmy temperatures here in Montana now that we have made it above freezing. I have not allowed my children to go outside without hats on, nor have the cats received more attention now that it isn't bitter cold outside.

We did not celebrate my mom's birthday with brownies and ice cream sundaes, because that would be silly since my Mom is in Michigan and we are in Montana. We don't treat ourselves to special treats to celebrate people's birthdays that aren't even here, that is just a silly notion.

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Mrs B said...

Your blog looks great! You are so good at this! cream. Belle's birthday is on Saturday...go ahead and celebrate! :)