Thursday, January 22, 2009


Part of glorifying God in all I do is being joyful in everything. In the first chapter of Phillippians, the author Paul is thought to be imprisoned yet he writes with joy in his heart. He continues to praise God, love God and follow God within the confinements of his situation. That message really spoke to me. Do I remember to love God, praise God and follow God in everything I do. Especially in the mornings when I'm on a timeline that the kids don't care to follow. Yesterday I found it so easy to be in joyful in the little things. Scrubbing the wood floor I felt full of praise and rejoiced in my spirit. This is the floor Ben painstakingly laid piece by piece. He picked each one to lay in each spot, and now as I scrub I think of him diligently working on it. Sometimes I worked with him and he'd wait for me to finish before he could do what he needed but he was always patient. The floor took days and days to lay, but now we will enjoy years of it. At first every little mark bothered me, now they bring me joy because we are living life here, making memories, and finding comfort in our home. Joy is so much easier to find when you are aware of it, when you are thinking about the good and not the negatives. Even cleaning the fridge today was done with joy in my heart, thankful to have food to eat when so many people are skimping by. So I will continue to rejoice. Rejoice with me, it isn't always easy, there have been moments today when I cried from missing good friends, but I rejoice that they are there to miss. That a text message can make me feel so loved even to the point of bringing me to tears.
Thank you heavenly Father for allowing me to rejoice because I have so much to be joyful about.

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