Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beau's Christmas Program

Beau had his alphabet Christmas program yesterday. He didn't sing much, he scratched a lot (thanks to his eczema), I'm not sure what he says for J. But it is "J is for jingle bells ringing in the night on santa's sleigh what a beautiful sight." The other little boy didn't speak much so you really only hear Beau when he finally decides to go for it. There are two more videos I will put on later because I think that I am pushing the limits with four videos in one blog.
Notice all the dressed up children, I fought Beau out of a truck t-shirt and into something red that morning and I was glad I did after I saw how all out other parents went. Ah, one down and one to go, Anna's is next Friday morning, she will wear her Christmas outfit, but not a dress.

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