Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Those of you that know Beau know that his favorite toys are bionicles. Really he doesn't play with much else most of the time unless it is legos, exoforce (also legos related) or k'nex. He is playing with Moon Sand at the moment and does enjoy play-doh. He likes board games and reading, but hands down if Beau is not around he is building or taking apart a bionicle.
He got his first one when he was three. The age on the can says 5 or 7 or something like that, I never pay attention to the age on the can. He couldn't put them together by himself at first. There were countless times I would try to help but he has always been better than me. I kind of miss him asking for help, but then again I also enjoy his independence.
If anyone has a little boy who needs focusing, I would suggest bionicles. They aren't only Beau's favorite but they are mine, they have helped him grow from a ferocious three year old to a determined intelligent 7-year-old. I won't tell you how much we have spent on these great toys but I will tell you it is worth it, and I have gotten a lot of clearance and his current favorites are from 2002 via e-bay. I didn't know what year they were from I just knew they were a good price and there was a whole set of them so I got them and they were birthday and Christmas gifts this year. Now his favorite thing is to take pictures of his creatures, because he has his own camera it happens more and more. These are just a few of his creative captures.

-Can you see the clean bathroom floor/closet area in the background don't worry if you can't that will be a post for someday soon.

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Christy said...

Both of my boys love bionicles, and they're made by Lego! We went to Legoland here in Germany and the boys loved it and when we went into the store you wouldn't believe all the various Bionicles!