Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas morning has come and gone, so quickly. Good thing Jesus lasts forever because wrapping paper sure goes fast. The bean bags were quickly sat upon and enjoyed, then we moved the bean bags to the living room and trips were made back and forth to pick a present and then take turns unwrapping them.

Beau's favorite are his Lego's and Bionicles and Exo_Force. We got about one hour of complete silence from him while he worked on building them, ah the peace of that was worth a lot more then I paid since I only bought clearance ones. The lego is still to be built so that means more quiet, although I think daddy will be involved with that one, and that is also such a blessing to watch the two of them work together.
Luke's favorite was his moon sand and his magnet alphabet letters. He also really likes the candy and it is going to have to disappear soon. I did convince to eat a bowl of cereal before any junk food. Beau and Anna have yet to stop playing to eat breakfast. They will eat when their stomachs really start growling.
Anna's favorite was the Barbie with the dog that eats and poops (what was Santa thinking), Barbie even has a pooper scooper, gross. Anna loves it though. She also enjoyed the moon sand that got wrapped just for her.
This picture is to show how nicely the stockings hung on the stocking holders mom got us for Christmas last year. In years past once they were stuffed they had to sit on the floor. Not this year although I also didn't put any fruit in them to keep the weight down.
All in all it was a great morning. Mom and Dad left around 9 to get to the airport to fly back to Arizona to spend the afternoon/evening with my brother's family. We already miss them but are so thankful they could share a few days with us. And thankful Ryan gets to enjoy them for Christmas too.
Merry Christmas to all and may you be richly blessed by the graces of the Baby Jesus this Christmas season.

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