Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday...#8

It's that time again, so here it goes, it has been a long week but I have not forgotten anything.

I did not spend hours figuring out how to decorate my blog without spending a dime, that would be a waste of time and I have plenty of boxes to unpack to keep me busy not to mention the lack of decorations in the rest of the house, I would never decorate a computer screen before my living room.

I have enjoyed the -30 degree temperatures around here and I am not upset at all that we can't go out and play in the snow, that the van sounds like it might crack in half, or that I can't park in garage. I love mind numbing cold and 12 inches of snow with 5 foot drifts. I didn't let Anna who is 5 go out and play in it on Saturday and Sunday because what parent would let a child begging to play outside go out when the thermometer says 4 and you know it is in the sun so it is way wrong. NOT ME!And this is not her snow angel. She didn't make about twelve of these out there because it was too cold to lay in the snow.

I did not walk around Wal-Mart the other day wondering what that horrendous stench was to still smell the stench in the van when we left and realize I had cat poop on my pants. I did not take Luke's boots and clean them in the snow right then and I didn't find the thawed wipes under a seat and scrub my pants til the crusty part was off. That would be gross. I did not forget then after picking up the kids from school and going home that my pants didn't smell like cat poop so when Ben came home from work and kissed me hello he didn't say "what is that smell", I did not almost die and go change my pants right away and I had not sat and talked with a friend at my kitchen table before Ben got home and she did not have to endure that stench because like I said I never got cat poop on my pants from Luke's boot. That would be way too disgusting.

I did not dress Luke in a sweater for Beau's Christmas program so that he was more dressed up than Beau, that would just be a silly mom thing to do. I also did not let him pose hanging off chairs or cabinets yet to be in because he did not just look so darn cute all dressed nice.

We also did not do PPV on Dish Network to enjoy Journey to the Center of the Earth, that is kind of expensive, and we wouldn't want to spend money on a great family evening of television, it wasn't a great movie either. Beau didn't enjoy it at all and Luke and Anna did not go to the other room and watch Cat in the Hat because they liked it so much.

I did not get all my cabinets in and my make-shift counters on so that I have an almost working kitchen now, the only things that aren't left are the sinks and dishwasher and the plumbers are not coming today. (they had better get here soon)

I do not have cupboards to organize and dishes to wash so I have all day to continue to add to my not-mes but I'd better find something else to do.
God Bless.


Junita said...

I didn't decorate my blog before my house either!

Anonymous said...

I did not just have a financial crisis because the check hasn't arrived from my 401K loan and we are closing on a piece of property we so don't need in the morning and we spent more money on the truck than we had in the plan! I did not actually have five (5!) different employees from the local bank helping me at 4:55pm so that we can close at 9am tomorrow! Thank You God, for local banks who still care about the customers! Sturgis Bank and Trust for anyone from this area reading!!! You were so right when you told me not to build!!! Love You. Aunt Patty