Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crashed After Christmas Candy

This is innocent little Luke on Christmas Eve in his new pajamas all ready for bed. I should mention this fabulous pair of pajamas I found for under 50 cents, brand new at the BX (PX for the Army) a few days before. Doesn't he look so cute.

This is Luke the next afternoon. He really enjoyed the orange tic-tacs from Daddy's stocking and the chocolate in his stocking and I thought I'd gone light on candy this year. I did, but Daddy had a few extras and was generous enough to share so skittles and Twizzlers were added to the mix. Luke finally came and sat down next to on the couch and within minutes was asleep. When I stood up and tried to lay him down he fought me and stood up turned into the couch and stayed asleep. I left him like that long enough to snap a couple pictuers and then I laid him down on the pillow. It was pretty hilarious, he took a good nap and we didn't have any more orange tic-tacs or skittles that day or the next because well they had already eaten them all. Aren't daddy's spectacular. Geesh and to think I thought I was filling his stocking with stuff to take to work the next week. But it was stuff to share with his boys (I think Anna got a little but she was too busy playing with Barbies.)Poor boy he was just exhausted.

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Mrs B said...

I just love it...he's so sweet I could just eat him up! I noticed your boys hair...that's how my boys hair is cut too! One of my husband's many talents! :)