Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pet Peeve

Okay so today I have a serious pet peeve. I am hoping that if I blog about it I will stop obsessing about it and get some more done, although I have gotten a fair amount done today and stuck with my only one hour of down time after I get the kids out the door to school.
Well anyway, on to my pet peeve.
We have a new phone number, we didn't want a house phone but to get internet (which I NEED) we had to get a house phone, I like it now that we have it. Except, I get phone calls and the conversation goes like this,
"Who is this"
"um, well who is this"
"I said, who is this"
"Um, you called me so thanks and bye."
Why do these people keep calling me and then demanding I explain who I am for answering my phone. Okay so maybe I'm not who you expected to answer, but you called me, common courtesy is to ask for who you are looking for not to rudely want to know who I am.
Am I right? Today after she asked me twice I said well I'm sorry but you called me and bye. And then I've just been stewing about it all morning.
Okay I'll get over it now.
Anyone want to share their pet peeve with me, I know you have one or two and maybe I'll stop obsessing about mine and obsess about yours, that's be great.


Mrs B said...

You are too funny. Yeah, that would irritate me too. Didn't their mama's teach them manners? Guess not.

My pet peeve used to be having telemarketers call...always at weird hours. Anyway, I got some good advice one to listen to there whole schpeal, say yes, and then ask if I could pay with food stamps. I think they must have some kind of network going, cause it only took about three different calls and now I don't get them anymore. And just in case you were wondering, No, they do not take food stamps. But I do...need some Britney Spears perfume? :)

Anonymous said...

Fr richard says
you probably ahve a recicled (some one had it before you) phone number
MY father insited we answreed with altine residence richard speaking. this lets them now riht away whre they have reached and who they are toaking to.