Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me...Monday #7

It is still Monday right...

Well anyway I think it is still Monday so I'm going to play along with MckMama.

I did not sit in a house with no kitchen and feed my kids cereal or mac and cheese all week because Ben was out of town, that would have been taking the easy way out.

I was not the least bit jealous that Ben was in Las Vegas and I was here in over my head of things to do and it was below zero outside.

I am not thrilled my cabinets are finally here and I am not the least bit impatient with them getting put in.

I love washing dishes in the laundry room utility sink, I don't need a dishwasher, I get them done after each meal and I never wait until the next morning. I haven't had dried on food or spoiled milk yet. Where is Papa Lloyd when you need him.

I did not order my Christmas card this week and I did not settle for a semi-okay picture because I planned way ahead of time and I wasn't running out of days left before Christmas.

I certainly did not Christmas shop for the child that was sitting in the cart, I did not buy him popcorn and distract him by telling him to look at strange things like see that pink coat with black dots on it, he was so confused poor child.

I didn't enjoy watching Beau play his first hockey game and I was not at all proud of how hard he tried.

I did not love taking all my kids ice skating even though 2 of the 3 had no clue how and I did not get a completely aching back on Friday and then turn around and do it again on Sunday because the kids didn't have any fun either and we would never want to have that much fun over and over again.

Being a mom and building a house isn't all my life is about, it just seems that way...or is it???

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