Friday, December 5, 2008

A Family Photo

So the jury said it wanted a whole family photo for the Christmas card, well maybe it will happen and maybe it won't.
We tried, I got us all dressed up even Ben and after church we took pictures. Anna decided not to smile for many if any of them. Luke has to ham it up as soon as he sees a camera. And Beau is just Beau he did try to cooperate for the most part, and since I couldn't see what they were doing I couldn't stop it. I have since discussed with Anna how disappointed I was that she didn't smile and let her know that wouldn't happen again. With her it is usually that easy problem cleared up. Beau actually looks pretty good in all the pictures, and Luke was hit or miss. But these were some of the tries.
We'll have to see if I ever get a Christmas card done and out.

I particularly like how my boot looks in this picture.

This one is cute but Ben and I aren't in it, Anna was really being goofy the whole time.
Out of focus and no smile from Anna, Luke also smiles so big that you lose his eyes.
Luke and I chatting, although I think it is cute it isn't what we are looking for in a family picture. I think he was saying "I love you Mama", which he says a bazillion times a day but I never get tired of hearing it.
Again Anna in her I'm not going to have my picture taken mode so there is no smile and Luke found something else to look at, but look at Beau he did try, and he looks so cute in his dishevled wrinkly sort of way.

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