Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wolves, Buffalo, and Prairie Dogs

We went to the First People's Buffalo Jump Site this past Sunday. We learned lots about how the Indians used to drive the buffalo toward a cliff and then the buffalo would fall off and die and then the Indians would have food and warm skins for clothes.
This is Luke's version, the buffalo got to close to the edge and they fall off and are dead forever. "Mom don't get too close to the edge."
Luke and Beau dressed up in a wolf skin and practiced their howling, Luke has been demonstrating it for me as I type this because he sees the pictures. The boys really liked being wolves and Luke keeps reminding me that the wolf was dead too.

You can see Luke howling in this picture, he is a good little wolf, he wouldn't chase a buffalo or eat a sheep.

This is the cliff the buffalo would jump or more realistically fall off. Luke just told me that is the edge. He remembers the day very well, it made quite an impression on him.

Here is Anna by a buffalo she enjoyed having her picture taken all day. And there was a nice little hands on museum inside.And here are the prairie dogs, hundreds of them were out in the fields above the cliff. They were fascinating. We all enjoyed watching them. Luke tried to get close and would try and look down the holes to see if they would come out.
This is where Luke's confusion of the whole day comes in, he is certain that the buffalo that are dead forever are down in those prairie dog's holes just hiding from us. We have tried to make him understand, but alas we are wrong and he is right per usual. He seems to know it all or at least believes his version is better than everyone else's.
We really did enjoy the day visiting this local (well only 120 miles away) landmark with Ben's family and we are looking forward to taking other visitors there. Hopefully this time I won't hit a deer on the way home.

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