Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Having a Sister

My sister left today, I thought ten days had been plenty, but I was wrong.
I miss her so much tonight.
When you share a room for 15 years you either become best friends or worst enemies and we have been and are both, but I wouldn't want it any other way because in the end we are always best friends.
I wouldn't say this was the best visit ever. We are in completely different places in life, we couldn't live further apart. She lives in the city, downtown, inner-city kind of world. I live in the country, Wal-Mart is the only shopping in town and a traffic jam is because you are following a snow plow. In her world she can go out for coffee in five different locations all within walking distance, here there are only two decent places for coffee and they are 15 minutes drive and only open certain hours of the day. In the city when you want to watch a football game you go to the bar and watch it, here you go to the only descent place in town and hope they get the channel and when they don't you still enjoy a meal and time away from the kids, there you would go find a bar that has the game by texting friends that are at other bars.
But it isn't just location that makes our worlds different, it is just the way our lives have gone. I've been married almost ten years and I have three kids, my work is maintaining our home, raising our kids and keeping my husband on track. She is just beginning a serious relationship, she is a special education teacher, whose life revolves around volunteering in multiple ways and socializing all over town. Sometimes we just don't get each other, we listen and we respond but we don't really understand. It doesn't matter though we still talk on the phone five times a day, we still look to eachother first when we have big news (or little news) and we still forgive each other when we just don't get the other person.
The common threads that keep us connected are our faith and our commitment to family. We hold eachother accountable, reminding each other of holy days of obligation or making sure our decisions are based on our beliefs and not our temptations. We don't judge one another and we accept eachother for who we are. It isn't always easy, sometimes she really ticks me off, sometimes she makes me cry by using her words to hurt me even if unintentional more than any other person could. Those times stink, my best friend becomes my worst enemy, but with time forgiveness comes and we are best friends again. Even when we are angry we still talk, we still communicate and we always come through the other side.
I'll always be thankful to have a sister no matter how different our lives are.
I love you sis, I miss you already.

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Mrs B said...

I wish I had a sister :(