Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Morning

We don't really have any traditions, whatever happens each year just happens. It's the life of our family and moving every two years.
So this year on Christmas Eve morning the kids got to open presents from Bama and PopPop. The big deal ones were the digital cameras, their pictures will get posted later. They are enjoying. They also each got a board game. Beau got cranium, the funniest comments came when they had to find something you could push across the floor with your nose, Luke said, "ooh, that will hurt!"
Then Beau and Aunt Sarah were on a team and it was a gestures kind of question Aunt Sarah had to act out, the answer was supermodel (she did a great job by the way) and one of Beau's guesses was "a woman walking on a red rug" so hilarious we told him it was called carpet and then he got to super model with the help of Daddy and PopPop in the background.
The kids and Bama are now playing The LadyBug Game, Ben is still working on closets (good man), and PopPop, Aunt Sarah, and me are making one more trip to Wal-Mart and IGA and maybe K-Mart, for those last minute things. We might have dinner tonight. Mass is at four.
Merry Christmas Eve.

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