Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Look Back

Just taking a look back at all the events of 2008.

-Ringing in the new year among the flu with Ryan, MaryRose, Isabella, and Claire. (Anna wishes Isabella was here again this year.)

-Preparing for a new job in Montana.

-Auntie Kara watching the kids for a week while Ben and I moved Ben to the one bedroom apartment in Montana.

-Selling the house in Kentucky...bittersweet.

-Beau in kindergarten in Kentucky.

-Visiting Michigan for a few weeks, taking care of Caroline while Liz went to Florida, memories I am so thankful for.

-The kids and I moving to Montana.
-countless hotel room.
-the waterpark, where Beau got stuck in a tube ride, scary but he handled it well.
- Mount Rushmore.
- Devil's Tower.
-finally reuniting with daddy...even if he was sick for the next 2 weeks.

-Ben's illnesses and a brief stay in the hospital.

-Ben's truck accident and all the aftermath, thankyou God for your protection through it all.

-Living in a one bedroom apartment and being given the gift of a three bedroom house we could afford while building.

-A puppy for Mother's Day.

-Another miscarriage, suffering loss and knowing God's plan is bigger than mine.

-Mom and Dad come for a summer visit and bring Mattie and Zip home.

-Beau's in first grade, Anna's in kindergarten, and they LOVE it. Luke misses them.

-Building a home and all the ups and downs that go with it.

-No water, but getting through it.

-Ben hitting a deer.

-Bridget hitting a deer.

-The wrong cabinets.

-Kittens for Halloween.

-Moving in with no kitchen.

-Visitors from Connecticut for Thanksgiving with no kitchen...thanks for coming Memere, Pappa Lloyd, Aunt Kara, and Scott.

-The cabinets arrive, the kitchen is almost finished, we'll get the counters done next year. :)

-Boxes still everywhere and Aunt Sarah comes for Christmas. Bama and PopPop are here for Christmas too. We survived and got organized.

Missing everyone terribly but getting settled into this life God is leading. Wishing everyone a blessed new year and hopes to see everyone in 2009.

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