Monday, December 8, 2008

Beau's First Hockey Game

Beau had his first hockey game on Sunday. I'm not sure I'm ready for all this sports mom stuff, but I sure am enjoying it and Beau is too. Hockey isn't a one child sport though it is a whole family affair, I have to carry the bag, Luke and Anna have to endure the cold arena and Ben and I have to get all that gear on a boy that doesn't stand still very well. Then we all smile while we watch him whiz or not so much whiz, you be the judge, around the ice.
Usually I find Beau from the #11 on the back of his jersey but on this day he wore black to show he was on the other team, this concerned him because he is an Ice Hawk and with the black on he wasn't sure if he was still an Ice Hawk. We cleared that up and he was fine. He was easy to tell from the others though because one of his socks fell down and his shin guard showed. He hates when that happens but on this day I was glad because otherwise I would have been lost trying to find him. The pictures are from far away and I couldn't get good lighting but you can see he was having fun.
He is in his blue jersey during practice with the #11 on the back and then in the black jersey for the game.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Beau! We are proud of the great effort you are making on the team.
Love you all. Nana & Papa Randy