Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is now decorated. Thanks mostly to Beau and Anna, they did all the work other than the lights. Luke opted to cuddle with Bama and wrestle with PopPop. Aunt Sarah was on the internet, Ben was watching and encouraging, and I was taking pictures. They did a good job and really enjoyed it.
Beau really liked to unwrap the ornaments from the packaging they were in from the move. He said it was like opening a present and every time there was something new, but old. He had so much fun and had so many comments, oh this is my favorite one, oooo this one is pretty. Anna had to take several over for PopPop or Bama to see up close, she had a lot of fun too.
Luke got a new shake and go car from Nana and Papa Randy and they opened them yesterday because presents under the tree don't stay in our house. He loved it and it took presedence over hanging the ornaments.
We are almost ready for Christmas morning. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but not too close because well it gets hot over there. The children are staying up late nightly to spend time with their grandparents, they are tired and grumpy and are looking forward to coal. But what to my wondering eyes do I see but presents to wrap and put under the tree, cookies to make for Santa to eat, and turkeys to roast it will be quite a treat. Enough of the rhyming we got the closets in the kids area built and now we just need to paint them, and then put the clothes in them and it will be SOOO much better.
We've closed on the house, so we are done with all the bank issues and can just focus on finishing the house and enjoying being home.
Merry Christmas.

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Mrs B said...

Good rhyming! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Merry Chritmas!