Friday, December 5, 2008

The Dumpster is Here

I have never been so happy to see a dumpster. Garbage, Inc. (that is really the name of the company) finally delivered the dumpster so I can finally unload some of these garbage bags specifically the ones the dogs have torn into. I am soooo tired of cleaning up garbage off of my front porch and I have had to become creative in where I put my garbage bags, but not anymore. The dumpster is here. Now if Ben were just here to carry all these bags out to the dumpster that would be even better.
This whole house building project has been one step behind the whole way. The dumpster was supposed to be here Monday. Now it is Friday, that is a lot of garbage when you are unpacking boxes. The new cabinets were supposed to take 4 weeks we are pushing 5, and they are supposed to be delivered today. I will so enjoy having a dining room again, not to mention having a real kitchen. The toybox can go back to the basement, and the dishwasher can wash dishes and not hold the toaster on a cookie sheet.
Luke is in the garage playing with the kittens, at least he has boots on this time. It has warmed up so I'm not out there with his coat and hat trying to wrestle those on him. Thankfully it is still cool enough that we don't have mud, if that can just hold out until after the cabinets arrive this afternoon I would be happy.
Just ask Memere about the mud it was her favorite part of Montana. I think she even took a little home with her so that she wouldn't miss it. :)
On to unpack another box, although if I can get Luke to settle I'd love a short nap with him.

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