Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me...Monday #6

It's Not Me Monday again...thanks MckMama.

1. I did not hit a deer last night on the highway so I wasn't going fast, I didn't have a van full of people and I'm not still reliving it over and over when I close my eyes. I did not hope to find that deer at have it on my table for dinner out of spite, that wouldn't be right, would it. I also am not upset about having to take my van in to get fixed soon.

2. I am not at all surprised that Anna, my 5 year old just counted to 100, when Beau has yet to take the time to show me he can do it. I am not impressed at all and jumping up and down on the inside to see how fast she is learning.

3. I didn't have a great week with my husbands family and I don't wish we could see them more often because it isn't just wonderful to have family around.

4. We didn't go to the neighbors for dinner on Thanksgiving day after a late invitation because we still don't have a kitchen. And I am not eternally grateful for their invite to save me from cooking a turkey with all the fixins for all the company I didn't have in a kitchen with just the appliances. It didn't turn out to be a fabulous Thanksgiving.

5. I didn't wear the same pajamas four nights in a row because they were a new Christmas present from my MIL and I didn't really like them and didn't want to part with them even though I hadn't worn them 4 nights in a row. I don't feel a little bad for my husbands family who had to witness me wearing the same pajamas 4 nights in a row.

6. I don't have so much work ahead of me when my cabinets finally get here this week and my husband is out of town for the next two weeks. I can't wait to do all the work alone and I'm not the littlest bit bitter that he gets to go to Vegas and then Billings and I am stuck in the middle of nowhere unpacking boxes, no I would never be even the tiniest bit angry about such things.

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