Thursday, December 4, 2008

Officially Country Kids

So I decided this morning, that my kids are officially country kids. It was zero degrees outside so they did wear snowpants and boots and Beau wore two coats plus a sweatshirt, and they were ready to go. We are driving to the end of the cul de sac to wait for the bus because I am not yet up to trekking out there with all three of them, although Beau and Anna are all for it. Once we get there, Beau and Anna are begging to get out of the van, I didn't want them all covered in snow to get on the bus and have it melt and then get out at school to be in wet clothes, but I did give in for the last five minutes and you would have thought I'd taken them to Disneyland. They have to cross the road to get on the bus, so I am trying to get Beau to make sure Anna is right with him, and he stops and spins around looking for her, goofy kid. They get on the bus and they don't even look back.
Yesterday afternoon they all three went outside to play, they did put shoes on, Beau put on coat and gloves, Anna got her coat and Luke was out there in a sweatshirt. I took his coat out but his hands were already freezing and he came in. They love the freedom out here as do I. I don't worry about much out here other than when the garbage company is bring my dumpster. Life sure is good out here in the country, this is what we were waiting for.
God Bless.

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