Friday, December 19, 2008

A Conversation with Beau

Yesterday Beau had a terrible day at school, today was a good one, but back to yesterday. He said he and several other kids argued all day, a classmate threw something away Beau had made for him, and he had told a kid that he could see his underwear because he was mad at the kid and apparently the kid does it to him.
I am really working with him on being kind in all situations, he failed big time.
He was really upset and after some serious meltdown crying, we got back around to kindness.
Me: Beau you know Jesus wants us to be kind to everyone even if they aren't our friend.
Beau: But I could see his underwear.
Me: I understand but there are much kinder ways to tell him that right.
Beau:Yeah probably.
Me: God wants us to always do our best and do good so that someday we can go to heaven and be with Him.
Beau: Well if you do bad will you go to the devil.
Me:Yeah that is kind of how it works.
Beau: Are there bad people with the devil, like crooks and badguys.
Me: Yep there are and that isn't where we want to go, that is why I want you to be kind to everyone.
Do you know what it is called when you say mean things to your classmates or hurt someone on purpose.
Beau: Well, I know it isn't good.
Me: It is called sin, and sin is what causes us to go to the devil if we continue to choose to sin and don't apologize to God and don't try to do better next time. The devil likes it when we sin he sometimes tries to trick us into sinning and God doesn't like. If we say we are sorry though God forgives us that is why He sent Jesus, what did Jesus do for us.
Beau: He died.
Me: Do you know when we celebrate that?
Beau: Yeah, (a little exasperated with all the questions) Easter.
Me: That's right try to do better next time okay.
A few minutes later all was finally quiet in the car and then Beau had some more to say.
He said, "mom today I did what the devil wanted, and I am sorry for that I don't want to do that anymore." I encouraged him to say a prayer before he went to bed, but I wasn't home so I don't know if he remembered.
I hadn't planned on the conversation nor the outcome of how much he would get it, but it felt good to see how much reasoning he could do. He did have a very positive day today and we are going to work on doing 10 acts of kindness everyday over Christmas break. Maybe ten is a lot but we'll see.
He and Ben are off to hockey practice, I feel terrible but I still have Luke and Anna here so I can't go to bed.
My sister comes tomorrow, and my parents the day after, yeah!
Maybe we will finally decorate.


Stephanie said...

You did good girl! I've seen Beau's melt downs and girl...your definitely going to heaven!! LOL

Hope you feel better soon. You dont need to be sick with your family coming!

Much love to you!

Mrs B said...

That is great. It feels so good when you tell your kids something and they really get it. I think Beau will do great with the 10 acts of kindness. Your kiddos are the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

Apparently you need to go back and read this posting again! It might always be a little harder with him, but that makes these moments so much more important. I love you and am praying for a wonderful Christmas visit with your family. Aunt Patty