Friday, December 5, 2008

Ice Skating

I took all three kids ice skating tonight. In the beginning I was really stressing and a little shaky because I wasn't sure I could manage, but I did. A little thanks to Rob (a friend of ours) for lending a hand and letting Luke go fast.
Anna held on to the side most of the time, although she is sure to mention she let go a little bit. And she did a few times she let go and she tried and she was scared but she did it. She is my one that has the most fear of trying new things, so I am always really proud when we make through something new and hard without a meltdown.
Beau, I guess he was there but he was feeling pretty big stuff and I barely saw him. Also Sam (he's 7 too), Rob's son was skating and Beau was with him almost the whole night. He had a great time and wants to continue hockey. We are almost through with his 8 week season and have to choose whether to go 8 more. I'm feeling done but we haven't come to any decisions yet.
Luke was all about going fast. He could stand on his own but as soon as he started moving his feet he was trying to go too fast and he'd bite it. He was able to go a few feet at a time and HE LOVED IT. He really loved when I or Rob put him in front of us and skated fast. His smile was so big all night. At the end they got a treat and I got to skate, I only made it around one time because Luke preferred skating to his treat. Beau did too but he didn't need me. Anna was done and was content sitting and watching.
As we were putting our boots on Luke said, "that was great!!! thanks Mom for taking me skating!" That was icing on the cake. We all had fun, no one got hurt, no one cried and I was blessed to watch my children do something new. The anxiety I felt in the beginning was replaced by great joy and gratefulness and awe in the awesome children we have.
God Bless!

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