Friday, December 12, 2008

The Cabinets Are Almost In

So here is the beginning of a kitchen, I've already unpacked three boxes and there is only four more to go for the kitchen. Yeah. This is my attempt at decorating with my fancy pitcher. We like the staggered look but wish the cabinets above the microwave (it isn't there yet) and above the fridge matched a little better. We can work with it though. The jars you see are my attempt at positive reinforcement. You do good and don't complain you get a penny or dime or whatever I can find close by to drop in at that moment. Then if you don't do so good I'll take out something too. Beau gets it and has a very positive attitude more of the time. Anna and Luke aren't getting it as well but they weren't the ones that I did it for they just reap the benefits most of the time. Luke's is pretty empty because he is going through some growth in behavior.

Like my over the island (that isn't finished yet) light, I do. I really like the corner cabinet too.

This wall is my favorite and I can't wait until my sink is in below the window, it will feel so much more close to finished. The plumbers come Monday and I will have a dishwasher again, thank goodness. like the ledge that has been serving as the majority of our countertops for the last month. I know it is fabulous.
Just another look at this wall, just ignore the stove that has become another countertop. I allow myself a little quiet time in the mornings after the kids get on the bus. I'll clean soon, but I wanted to get these pictures posted.
So that is the half completed kitchen. Ben is going to take all the cardboard to the recycling plant today. Then it will even feel better in there because I'm not stepping on boxes all the time. Although I don't know what I'll use for makeshift counter tops after they are gone. Ben is supposed to put the plywood in tonight too so we'll see what he accomplishes. He only has a half day but then we have Beau's Christmas program at 2 and then getting home from that he'll get the wood. But we have hockey at 5:30 and I haven't even thought about dinner, it might be a Book-It Pizza Hut night. Those are convenient, kids like it and we save money.
Merry Christmas it is coming soon and well the kids think we need a tree, we'd like to skip the tree but know that isn't going to happen. Luke is the pushiest in the tree regards, it might go up Sunday then again, Aunt Sarah might be putting it up next week.
Lots of Love to all our friends and family we miss you.

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