Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday...#9

Please pray for Baby Stella, he is a sick baby of MckMama's and they need some prayers today as they endure the hospital and pokes and prods and an uncomfortable baby boy.

Thanks to MckMama for this fun event, I'm going to play again today.

I did not stay up until midnight Christmas Eve to finish wrapping presents, I always plan ahead and I never have to stay up late to get the tree ready for Santa to arrive, I would have been up later if I hadn't recruited my sister to wrap some the night before.

I cooked lots of Christmas goodies, I made sugar cookies and cinnamon rolls, I did not just think about making things and never get around to it so my children did get to frost cookies and add sprinkles, I did not just say here is some Moon Sand play with it. I would never deprive my children of the Christmas cookie fun, even if we still only have plywood as a countertop. I don't think my kids even noticed.

I did not work my husband to the bone over his Christmas vacation, he did not build three closets and an extra shelf for the hall closet and I didn't make my sister paint for hours to finish our closets while she is visiting from Chicago. Now that all that work isn't done I am not sitting here on the couch typing on the computer when there are still a whole lot of boxes to be unpacked. I am also not a tad bit obsessive about the kids keeping their rooms clean now that their closet isn't done and they don't have more than adequate space for their stuff.

My parents did not freeze to death at night because they slept in our basement and the temperature was below zero, my dad didn't wear a hooded sweatshirt to bed, just so Ben could not caulk and insulate the gaps around the rim after they left. It is not now 20 degrees warmed down there from all the work Ben didn't do and my sister is not now sleeping down there comfortable until she leaves tomorrow.

Beau did not get clearance lego's, exo-force, and bionicles for Christmas, and he has not spent 90% of his time in his room building and rebuilding them, and he hasn't used his new camera to take countless photos of his creations. He isn't the happiest child on the planet. He also didn't ask every friend at church yesterday if they got legos from Santa, and he wasn't at all confused as to why every boy on the planet wouldn't get legos and why some children might enjoy a Wii more than they wouldn't want legos. I wouldn't have been crazy enough to consider not getting him legos this Christmas and it wasn't a last minute purchase to get the lego set because I keep thinking maybe I should broaden his interests. Someday when he is an engineer I will not worry about his one tracked mind and worry about something else.

Anna hasn't spent every waking moment in her room playing Barbies, I did not buy her the Barbie with the dog that poops, that would be gross. Who cares if it was way on clearance because no other mom in her right mind would buy a Barbie with a pooping dog. Who even thought of such a strange thing. Luke doesn't love the pooping dog and spend a lot of his time playing with it.

Luke hasn't played with Moon sand for hours every day since Christmas. And i love cleaning up the mess that Moon Sand doesn't create. Could somebody please tell me why I didn't just stick with play-doh.

We did not have a great Christmas. And my dear husband did not get the greatest gift he could have ever thought of for me. He did not sign us up for a marriage retreat after almost 10 years of marriage, he did not swear off retreats after our engagement encounter 10 years ago, so I would never even dream of asking him to go on a retreat (really I wouldn't) so I was not completely shocked and awed when he signed us up for one. I am not completely thankful and I won't be asking for lots of prayers when we go to the retreat in February to let God use the weekend to help us prepare for the next 10 years of our life together.
Thank you Ben I love you.

What didn't you do this Christmas week?

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